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Home Not Alone is a home care agency with a lot more to give than just taking care of elderly family members or loved ones with intellectual and/or physical disabilities—we’re here to help them gain back control of their lives.

Home Not Alone founded in 2008 by Khaled Daoud and Occupational Therapist Peggy Mathews, Home Not Alone was built on the foundation of not only support and kindness, but also empowerment and ownership.

Drawing on the energy and passion of the late cofounder Peggy Mathews, Home Not Alone is here to pass down her legacy and demonstrate to the public that there’s a fire in everyone’s heart no matter their age or condition, they just need someone to help them light it up.

Every human being has the right to make their own choices, and that’s what we aim for here at Home Not Alone. We believe your loved ones deserve a lot more than being tied down to a collective schedule and restricted to a few personal activities.

Let’s all help them find that fiery passion within them

We’re all about caring for your loved ones in a normalized and nonrestrictive environment that allows space for them to become self-determined, self-sufficient, and independent. With some gentle guidance and compassionate support, we’ll help keep that fire inside of the hearts of your loved ones alive.



We know how hard it can be to care for an aging family member, and while we can’t replace the love and support of a family, we can step in and take over the stressful, time-consuming, and difficult aspect of family caregiving.

The loving nature and courteous manners of our professional caregivers can help create a safe, loving, and productive space for your loved ones to lead healthy, comfortable, and fulfilling lives.

Personal Care Services

Our well-trained caregivers are there to assist your loved ones to perform day-to-day activities for as long and whenever you need them.

Bathing, dressing, eating, walking, and other personal activities are done under the supervision and guidance of our professional caregivers, who will make sure your loved ones receive the love, care, and affection they need and deserve.

Respite Services

We understand how unexpected—and inconvenient—life can be sometimes, and it’s not always feasible or appropriate to leave your loved one’s home on their own.

We’re here to help step in whenever and wherever you need us, even for a temporary amount of time. We provide at home assistance, care, and support on a short-term basis for as long as you need us.

Companion Services

In cases where your loved ones aren’t able to improve, enhance, or maintain an essential life skill, we provide Companion Services as an alternative to protect their health and welfare.

This private service focuses solely on the assistance, supervision, and care of your loved ones. We empower individuals to improve their self-care skills, from personal hygiene and dressing all the way down to housekeeping and meal prepping.

IDD Services

Caring for a loved one with mental and/or physical impairments can be both mentally and emotionally taxing for many. Neither you or your loved ones have to struggle alone.

There’s hope for everyone, and it’s never too late to learn life’s essential skills no matter who you are or how old you are.

Our experts’ person-centered and flexible approach will help teach your loved ones how to lead productive, meaningful lives and thrive in their community. Whether it’s out-of-home or in home nursing care, Home Not Alone will help your family members enhance their mobility, improve their self-care skills, and become the independent individuals they were always meant to be.

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Service Coordinator


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